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Live with Confidence with a Personalised Intelligent Security System for Your Home

Imagine having the power to monitor your home and keep your family and pets safe wherever you are. Even when you’re out of the house, you can monitor your home from your mobile phone.

This means you can easily welcome your guests and deter intruders with a state-of-the-art security system, because you’ll always know when someone else is around.

What’s more, the Intelligent Security System uses a simple interface that syncs with your mobile phone, so you will have access to your home security at your fingertips.

Now home security is more than just reacting. When you combine indoor automation with outdoor detection you can make your property undesirable to potential intruders by including:

  • alarms and sirens

  • voice warnings

  • timed lighting

… using current technology means fully securing your home has never been easier and more reliable.

Whether you want a simple indoor alarm or a full intelligent security solution for your whole property, CustomLink will give you expert and professional advice to ensure you are protected.

Best of all, the intelligent security system provides multiple layers of protection, unlike our competitors. Each layer, or module, can be installed in stages for when you’re ready. And for complete peace of mind, each model is rigorously tested before we recommend these to our clients.

After all, we’re not just providing security, we’re giving you security with intelligence.

Future-proof Your Business with Intelligent Security Solutions

Intelligent security is not just limited to your home. Now you can secure, protect and grow your business with intelligent security options, just like some of our clients have done. See below for two examples of how intelligent security solutions have helped our Commercial and Industrial clients:

For Reliable, Innovative and Peace of Mind Security

CustomLink provides new installations, upgrades, repair and replacement services throughout Brisbane.

To find out about using an integrated security or C-BUS system, contact us on 1300 122 520 or call Lee direct on 043 00 88 244.

Lee Ngo - CustomLink Founder.JPG

Lee Ngo - the founder

Mobile: 043 0088 224

more than 20 years of combined experience in security and automation

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