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Protecting What’s Most Precious to You… Your Family

Imagine relaxing in your beautiful home without worrying about intruders. Imagine feeling safe at home or when you’re away... always. Now you can because home security has come a long way.


If you want your family to be protected, then now is the time to install reliable and innovative security to give you peace of mind.


What started with a basic alarm system has now expanded to integrate with cameras, sirens, gates, lights, doors and just about any appliance in your home. Best of all, this can all be linked to your mobile phone so you can check your home no matter where you are.


Now you can have cameras that capture an intruder’s every move. Sensors to detect movement. And voice messages that alert you and scare off burglars before they even enter your home. Allowing you to stay one step ahead. Always.


CustomLink will give you professional advice to help you find and install the right solution for your family. Our expert team brings you over 20 years of experience in security and automation, to advise you on how to best protect your family, your home and you.

Secure, Protect and Grow Your Business with Confidence

Invest in a security solution that not only protects what’s irreplaceable (your business) but also helps grow your business.


Now you can use an integrated security system to:

  • Reliably protect your business from burglars and intruders

  • Improve productivity, increase efficiency and overall employee performance by closely monitoring specific areas of your business that may be inaccessible

  • Reduce energy costs by using a C-BUS system to ensure lighting is used when and where required

  • Simplify your security and automation into an easy-to-use-system that suits your specific business needs

  • Scale your security system when you need to


From security systems, key card access control, CCTV and automated lighting, CustomLink brings you over 20 years of experience, to advise you on the right system for your business. Now and into the future.

For Reliable, Innovative and Peace of Mind Security

CustomLink provides new installations, upgrades, repair and replacement services throughout Brisbane.

To find out about using an integrated security or C-BUS system, contact us on 1300 122 520 or call Lee direct on 043 00 88 244.

Lee Ngo - CustomLink Founder.JPG

Lee Ngo - the founder

Mobile: 043 0088 224

more than 20 years of combined experience in security and automation

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