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Your Trusted Security and Automation Partners

We are committed to working closely with our clients to deliver peace of mind by providing optimal solutions

Our philosophy has not changed since we founded CustomLink in Brisbane, Australia in 2012. We always have and will be true to our mission – to give our clients peace of mind by providing expert, professional and reliable security and automation services in Brisbane.

As an independent business, we provide the best solution, regardless of the brand, because we are not aligned with any manufacturer. This means if you want to modify your existing security or automation system, then we can help you.

One of our strengths is providing high quality, easy to use and innovative solutions to our clients. We do this by continuously investing a significant amount of money and time into researching, trialing and testing all the products before we recommend them.

We are proud to have successfully delivered many residential, industrial, retail and commercial projects across Brisbane that include the following:

  • Complete burglar alarm systems from under $800 for peace of mind

  • Fully integrated automation systems with sensors, alarms, cameras, intercom, music connectivity, home theatre AV, gate automation and lighting control

  • State-of-the-art facial recognition cameras to detect returning thieves for our retail clients, including Foodworks, IGA, convenience stores, and local bakeries

  • Automatic number plate recognition cameras that restrict external gate access to authorised vehicles only for our various clients, including manufacturing plants, 24-hour gyms, townhouse complexes, and farms.


At CustomLink we specialise in providing the following services and products:

  • Home and business security systems

  • Integrated intelligent security that protects while creating a smart home

  • Full automation systems

  • Security monitoring

  • System design, installation and maintenance

​As specialists in security and automation, our value proposition to you is simple:

We match the right system for your business, home and lifestyle

We attribute our success to the values that guide us


We are truthful and sincere in everything we do… from talking to clients, interacting with our team, to dealing with manufacturers. 



We believe in clear and open communication with our clients. After all, designing the right system for you is a collaborative process. We listen to what you need.



We keep our promises, we take responsibility, and we complete our designs and installations when we say we will.



We combine integrity with our ethical approach to ensure you are provided with high-quality products and service, every time.



We love researching, learning and testing new systems and security devices so we can provide our clients with the best solution for their needs.

Who We Help

We work with a wide range of residential clients, retail stores including Foodworks, IGA, shops, restaurants, coffee shops, light and heavy industrial clients, manufacturing warehouses and small commercial buildings and offices.


Our clients come to us because they want to:

  • Install a robust security system to protect their family, home and business from burglars and intruders

  • Create a smart integrated home to enhance their lifestyle

  • Improve productivity and efficiency in their business

  • Simplify their security and automation into an easy to use system that suits their needs

Lee just had the signage done on his new car

Meet the Owner

CustomLink was established as an alternative to conventional security or technology integration supply and installation companies. The focus is to provide reliable, high quality, easy to use systems, stress-free installations, strong customer service, cost-effective solutions and leading-edge innovation for all our clients.

Lee Ngo started his career as an Electronics Engineer in 1992, working in manufacturing and industrial automation. He enjoyed the problem-solving, testing and research aspects of his job, which he now brings into the security industry.

Since 1997, Lee has been at the leading edge of the security and automation industry by learning, testing and advancing the products he delivers to his valued clients. In fact, 20 years ago Lee was first involved in lighting automation which was controlled by a Nokia mobile phone

Lee's fine-tuning the Intelligent Security system at a customer's home

As a hands-on entrepreneur, Lee brings over 28 years of combined experience in security and automation to his clients and his trusted team.  

His Commitments:

  • To  deliver the best possible solutions to each individual problem, which is why he continuously researches and learns about new product

  • To ensure the solutions are reliable, robust and easy to use. That’s why he rigorously tests every single product before it is installed

  • To invest in the best people, which is why he has created a team of experienced, well-trained and professional installers

  • To ensure his clients have peace of mind with the systems installed, he offers Free Extended Warranty.


That’s why no project is too complex or too small for CustomLink.

For Reliable, Innovative and Peace of Mind Security Book Today

CustomLink provides new installations, upgrades, repair and replacement services throughout Brisbane.

To find out about using an integrated security or C-BUS system, call us on 1300 122 520 or email us at

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