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Frighten Intruders Away with a Smart Alarm System

Minimise your chances of potential break-ins with an alarm system designed to discourage and frighten away burglars. You can deter intruder’s before they attempt to enter your home or business premises.


Now you can feel safer knowing you are always protected.

Security starts with your alarm system

An active alarm system is your first layer of defense. Instead of using an alarm to simply deter an offender now, you can make your alarm system “smart” so that it gives you notifications from wherever you are.


When alarms are integrated into an intelligent security system, you can connect to sirens, voice alerts or lockdown specific zones. The results… feel safer and more secure with protection that’s reliable.


Discourage opportunists

Use sirens or pre-recorded voice messages to give an audible alert when an intruder is detected. This audible alert will indicate that someone knows a burglar is attempting to gain access, which is often enough to frighten them away.

Security notifications

Have your alarm system notify when and where an intruder is attempting to get in. You will receive verbal alerts with reminders of open or unlocked access points on your property.

Combine with lighting

Connect your alarm and lighting systems for maximum security and safety.

Remote access

Arm and disarm the system, and get notifications and alerts on your mobile devices for peace of mind when you’re away.

For Reliable, Innovative and Peace of Mind Security

CustomLink provides new installations, upgrades, repair and replacement services throughout Brisbane.

To find out about using an integrated security or C-BUS system, contact us on 1300 122 520 or call Lee direct on 043 0088 224.

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Lee Ngo - the founder

Mobile: 043 0088 224

more than 20 years of combined experience in security and automation

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