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Gate control systems to suit your budget

CustomLink can design and install the right gate control system for your home or business. From a simple remote-control system to a fully automated number plate recognition system, the choice is yours.

More than just "open and close"

With an intelligent security system, your motorised gate control can be an asset to your home or business.


The choices are only limited by your imagination, for example:


  • You can provide your family and your guests with a unique experience as driveway lighting comes on as they enter your property.

  • Automatically open the right garage for your vehicle.

  • Use automatic number plate recognition cameras to restrict external gate access to unauthorised vehicles.

Your Options

Simple yet effective

Motorise your gates and install a keypad or swipe card panel to maintain secure access to your property at all times.

Remote Access

Add remote control or SMS/phone activation to open and close your gates from anywhere. This is ideal for long driveways and remote locations.

Security system integration

Link your access points to an intelligent security system for voice notifications to alert you when gates opened or warnings if access points are left unlocked.

Advanced automation

Use advanced automation to include features such as biometric or number plate recognition as well as turning on/off property lights as you enter or leave.


FAAC Gate Features

  • Long-range remote controls

  • Control up to 4 gates and/or garages using one single remote control

  • Gate auto-closes 30 seconds after the car drives through

  • Gate auto-reverses or does not move if obstructed

  • Turn on warning light, a standard light or a buzzer when the gate is opening and/or closing

  • Backup battery (motor does not rely on the battery to run when there’s power)

  • Two opening modes (Partial & Full opening)

  • Use of pin pad, SMS or phone call to open the gate

Click here for associated components.

Gate Pricing Guide

For Reliable, Innovative and Peace of Mind Security

CustomLink provides new installations, upgrades, repair and replacement services throughout Brisbane.

To find out about using an integrated security or C-BUS system, contact us on 1300 122 520 or call Lee direct on 043 0088 224.

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Lee Ngo - the founder

Mobile: 043 0088 224

more than 20 years of combined experience in security and automation

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