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Cameras help control room operators  monitor production

Use of catenary cable to avoid running CCTV cables adjacent to electrical cables

We normally recommend mounting cameras not too high but this one needs to go really high up

What Our Customers Say


Lee is very understanding when we request an additional camera to be installed as sometimes it can be in an awkward position, the quality of Lee’s work is outstanding, and he is able to carry out the installation of cameras with ease. Lee has inherited the existing camera system that is on our site and is happy to sort out the kinks as we move forward. We look forward to the journey ahead as we transform our barely adequate system into a professional system. (John Jappe - 8 November 2017)



Project completed late 2017, systems include alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Music, Videos and Gate Automation.

Shop front with special dark fighter camera for clear view at night

TVs can display same source or different sources

Looking from mezzanine level

What Our Customers Say

Lee you have been the reason I can get sleep at night thank you for providing 24/7 access to all my members and providing an intelligent system making them safe thanks again Power Federation. (Dean Trotsky - 26 March 2018 )



We were recommended by a friend to contact CustomLink for advice on the installation of a security camera system.


We visited Lee at his showroom some months ago where he provided excellent guidance and in keeping with our budget.  The installation process was efficient and professional, and when a small warranty matter arose some months later his immediate attention to fixing the issue was impressive.


We are totally satisfied with CustomLink’s professional approach and are most happy to recommend their services encompassing guidance, sales, installation and servicing along with the quality of their products.



We purchased a new home a few years ago with a NESS security system. The Ness system had not been installed or programmed properly.

I met Lee from CustomLink at Greenworld Garden Centre where he had his display.  I spoke to him about our problem with the NESS Security System and asked if he could fix the problem we had.

Lee came out to fix the system and also showed us all the other features the system had.


A few months later we got Lee back to install security cameras. We are very happy with the system Lee installed and it works extremely well.  We can view the images on our phones if we are away.


This month we got Lee back to upgrade our system. He has programmed our garage door onto the Ness System and has upgraded our system so that we can control everything from our phones.


Lee did a great job and nothing was too much trouble. He was prompt, made no mess, and everything works the way it should.  Lee also takes the time to explain how everything works and is only a phone call away if you need any advice.


We highly recommend Lee, his work as well as his service.  We have recommended him to some friends and family who are very happy with his work.



Project completed August 2019, systems include alarm, CCTV, Music, Face Recognition, Telephone, and Data.







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