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Payment Arrangement

At CustomLink, we promise to provide our customers with

(i) high-quality products and installations

(ii) extended parts and workmanship warranty

(iii) reliable service and support, at a low or reasonable price.

For us to continue to deliver our promises, we need to have efficient cash flow and therefore the following payment terms are strictly required.


For Buildings Under Construction

  1. 1. 10% Deposit within 30 days of this quote and 20% before commencing booking for pre-wire, or 30% deposit within 30 days of this quote and before commence booking for pre-wire.

  2. 50% Progress Payment minimum two weeks before fit-off. Part-payment can be arranged with part fit-off, however, this may cause a delay in completing the project.

  3. 10% Progress Payment within one week after fit-off and before commissioning.

  4. 5% progress payment within one week after commissioning.

  5. The remaining 5% balance payment within one week after handover or within 2 months after commissioning.


For Existing Buildings

  1. 50% deposit is required before the schedule of work.

  2. Progress Claims for projects extends over 1 week or more.

  3. Remaining to be paid within 1 week of completion.


Please note, delay in payments will cause a delay in delivering or completing the project.

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